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Hi, we're UPS! We sell premium THC-free CBD products designed for adult smokers and vapers seeking natural, non-nicotine alternatives.

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No fuss CBD! Just screw together and you are ready to go! I wish they had more flavors but I do enjoy the Citrus flavor that comes with the kit, plus it's natural so I appreciate that. Great product and company!

Tony; Coconut Creek, FL

With so many new CBD brands popping up, I was skeptical at first but decided to give UPS a try and I'm glad I did. It's a better product at a a better price for me. Highly recommended.

Robert; Miami, FL

I switched from CBD oils because I wanted to be able to use CBD at work and on-the-go and this vape is perfect. It's easy and quick, plus I feel the CBD effect much faster than with the CBD oils.

Jenny; Parkland, FL

If you are looking for a simple, quick way to get your CBD, this is it. Everything about the product is designed for ease and simplicity which I love. It's a great, simple product that works quickly. 

Carla; Parkland, FL

My husband and I both use the vape pen before bed and it's working great for us.

Mary; Miami, FL

It's a nice product. I feel it quite fast. I use it along with a cream and the two together work very well for me. I recommend them. Good job.

Carlos; Miami, FL

What are our customers using ups for?

The majority of our current customers use UPS to achieve deeper, longer sleep naturally. Used consistently right before bedtime coupled with a cup of tea or a good book would be our recommendation. Sweet dreams!😴


We've been welcoming more students (21+) and young professionals into the fold lately who use UPS to help them focus and concentrate when studying or working. We're glad and grateful our product is working for them.💙


Everyone is different and we are in no way suggesting that UPS will help but if you're looking for a safe, natural way to manage stress and the unpleasant feelings that sometimes come along with it, UPS may help and if it doesn't, just return it within 30 days.🤝


All of us experience physical pain at some point in our lives but unfortunately, for some it's a lingering condition. If you're interested in a plant-derived solution, please discuss using CBD with your doctor and if they approve, you can try UPS for 30 days, risk free.🌿


With everything going on in the world right now, it can be really hard to just "turn off" and focus on your personal needs, including intimacy. Some of our customers are using UPS to help in these situations because it's safe, quick and delivers CBD quickly.💕


Pleasantly surprised! There are so many (too many!) CBD brands out there and it can be overwhelming picking one but if you're looking for a quick and simple CBD solution, this is it. Very happy!

Monica; Tamarac, FL

I love this product! Nothing to learn or fiddle with. Just screw it together and you're ready to go.

Al; Parkland, FL

Easy to use this product no matter where you are. I use it in the car, at the office, at home. No smoke or odor and it's the size of a pen so you can put it anywhere. Well made product that really works. 

Hector; Pompano Beach, FL

I started off with CBD tinctures and then switched to capsules because they were faster and easier but the vape pen is by far the easiest and fastest way to get my CBD. Great product and couldn't be more satisfied!

Louanne; Parkland, FL

Quicker than tinctures and faster than gummies in my experience. Great for on the go. 

Sonia; Hialeah, FL

I'm running around most of the day and the vape pen is by far the easiest and fastest way for me to enjoy CBD. If you have an active lifestyle, I highly recommend it because it's super easy to use and works quickly.

David; Boynton Beach, FL

over 1,000 smokers and vapers have joined ups to-date. here's why.

A non-addictive, non-combustible alternative.


Honest pricing for premium THC-free CBD.


Easy to use any time, any where.


Great product that works well and quickly. Ships quickly and a great price for the quality.

Sarah; Miami, FL

Very happy with this CBD vape pen. Works like it should and the company is a pleasure to deal with. I recommend them if you are considering CBD.

Evan; Parkland, FL

No complaints at all. Very happy with the product, price, shipping and customer service. They understand how to treat customers.

Arnando; Miami, FL

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My husband was in the Army and although there are a lot of businesses out there that appreciate the military and give discounts, it's especially meaningful to have a small business without tons of resources do the same. Thank you, UPS!

Melissa; Boca Raton, FL

As a teacher, I very much appreciate the discount they provide to us and other underappreciated professions. It means a lot and I heartily recommend them for being so sensitive in that regard. 

Katherine; Coral Springs, FL

I HATE visiting vape shops and websites where you have to wade through so many options. I love how ups keeps it simple with one device and one flavor. I highly recommend them for simple, no nonsense CBD.

Lara; Fort Lauderdale, FL

You deserve so much more...


Great product. No frills but I like that. Very quick and easy to use and also take with you unlike tinctures. Easily fits in my pocket or purse.

Conny; Miami, FL

Awesome that UPS is now online! Great company, mission and product. I like how simple it is to use and how much more quickly it works for me than gummies or tinctures. Plus the 5% to charities donation makes me feel good about buying from them. 

Gavin; Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is a company that just "gets" it. Great product, a little pricey but it's worth it, great customer service and looking to give back to others in need. I recommend them to all my friends curious about trying CBD. 

Donna; West Palm Beach, FL

every quarter, we donate 5% of our revenue to one of these four amazing charities that we are honored and humbled to support. #healthiswealth

I switched over from Juul because I enjoy vaping but wanted something natural and without nicotine. I expected the flavor to be more citrusy but appreciate it's made naturally from terpenes so it's not artifical like your typical vape flavors.

Adrienne; Coral Springs, FL

I love that this company donates 5% of what they make to charities they believe in. I think it speaks volumes about their mission and beliefs and they're not just cashing in on the current CBD craze. I hope they don't change this aspect of their business and wish more businesses would do the same.

Carolyn; Miami, FL

This is a great, simple product. Works very well and is easy to use. Looking forward to them adding some new flavors in the future but very satisfied in the meantime. 

Ken; Pompano Beach, FL

Fave of the month...


A very honest company. Bought the vape pen but after a couple weeks of trying it, it wasn't working for me so I contacted them for a refund and they issued it within 24 hours, no questions asked. Truly risk-free shopping!

Angel; Parkland, FL

Solid product. Good quality CBD that you feel quickly. I think it's great value especially with free shipping. 

Tom; Tamarac, FL

I never leave reviews but these guys deserve one. Great product and especially great customer service. I really appreciate that when so many companies nowadays just take your money and run. Trying to get a non-automated message back takes a miracle but these guys do respond quickly and are as honest and helpful as they can be. Keep it up!

Victor; Parkland, FL

From our team to yours...